Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Processes


1. On-Site contents and structure cleaning – when the damage is not so bad that we have to empty the house for reconstruction

We clean the smoke affected areas of the structure and contents

a. structure cleaning – ceilings, walls, floors

b. contents cleaning – knick-knacks, wall hangings, dishes, launder clothes and bedding

c. clean carpet, upholstery and draperies

d. run an ozone machine to remove any remaining smoke smell

Sometimes we do a partial pack-up and move out of affected rooms for painting and/or reconstruction, and storing their belongings some place in the home (if room allows). We can also use our warehouse where we clean and repack their items. Either way, we always number the boxes and have a pack-up list available for whoever unpacks. We are always willing to unpack for the home owner. Some home owners may prefer to do the unpacking themselves.

2. Pack up and Move Out

• Pack up all box-able items and tag all bigger items, making a pack up list to be used to find items and to unpack cleaned belongings back in their original places.

• Bring a truck to the home and move all belongings to our warehouse for cleaning. (We have an on-site laundry room, specialty area rug cleaning bath, upholstery cleaning area and cleaning station for all dishes and smaller items).

• Clean the smoke covered walls and ceilings as needed by the building contractor.

• Launder or dry clean all the clothes, bedding and window coverings that can be saved.

• Clean all your belongings that can be cleaned.

• Keep a detailed list of all items that cannot be saved so that they can be taken to the insurance company to be reimbursed.

• Clean upholstery.

• Deep and detailed cleaning of appliances and other items.

• A post-construction cleaning at the home if needed.

• Bring all your belongings back, and put them back where we got them.


Upholstery Cleaning Processes


▪ Pre-Vacuuming is very important especially if you have pets, as once the hair gets wet it just sticks tightly to the upholstery. You can vacuum or you can pay us to vacuum your sofa.

▪ We use truck mounted warm water extraction adjusting the water temperature to clean your specific type of upholstery fabric.

▪ We always apply a fabric-protection spray after cleaning your upholstery.

Mold Remediation Processes


•usually starts with building containment

•installing negative air flow so the any mold spores dislodged will not enter into the unaffected area of the home

•the sheet rock is usually removed and disposed of according to industry standards

•ice blasting is the method we usually use to remove the mold from studs and any rough structure surfaces affected.

•the ice blasted areas then have to be wiped down

• any debris from the wipe down must be vacuumed out with a negative air vacuum.

Oriental Rug Washing

 rug cleaning

Specializing in rug oriental rug cleaning services, rug washing, rug repair, and upholstery cleaning, Rugs by Royal always takes pristine care of your beautiful rugs. We take pride in being located in the beautiful state of Colorado and have found a perfect market here in Grand Junction, Colorado. We specially hand wash and air compress clean all of our oriental, Navajo and design area rugs, and offer many other services. These include;  wet washing, color run removal, enzyme soaks for pet odor, sanitizing soaks, fabric protection, smoke odor removal and many others. We also offer rug repair services including securing ends, new fringe, side cord rewrapping and many more.

You can visit our Oriental Rug Washing website here.

Carpet Cleaning Processes


We use truck-mounted hot water extraction. This is the method of cleaning required by 90% of the carpet manufactures in maintaining your carpets warranty. Your warranty usually requires you have your carpets cleaned every 18 months.



•Pile Lifter

•Pre condition

•Carpet Cleaning Rotary

•Carpet Cleaning Wool

• Edge Cleaning

• Groom Carpet

• Fabric Protection – Teflon

• Move Furniture

• Quick Dry

• Edge/Crevice Tool Cleaning

“Budget Carpet Cleaning” includes:

• Pre-condition

• Carpet Cleaning Rotary

• Groom Carpet

“Value Carpet Cleaning” Includes:

• Pre-condition

• Carpet Cleaning Rotary

• Groom Carpet

• Fabric Protection – Teflon

• Move Furniture

“Royal Treatment Carpet Cleaning” includes:

• Pre-vacuum

• Pre-condition

• Carpet Cleaning Rotary

• Edge Cleaning

• Groom Carpet

• Fabric Protection – Teflon

• Move Furniture

• Quick Dry

Water Damage Restoration


• We offer 24-hour emergency service

• Water damage is always an emergency because the longer things are wet the worse the damage becomes.  Insurance companies usually like us to get thing dry ASAP, then discuss the repairs.

• Many customers want an estimate before we start work. This is exactly what I’d want to know-is how much. But due to the nature of the drying time and too many variables (weather, ground water, humidity, if just the sheet rock is wet or the studs too, how many layers of flooring are wet, etcetera). Giving an estimate is very hard to do.

• Drying can start with water extraction from carpets and hard surface flooring or pumping water out of the basement or crawlspace.  There are times when the 1st step is to remove the sheetrock from the sagging or fallen ceiling and any wet insulation (this hole must be covered with plastic to keep the heat in and the dry insulation from blowing into the living space), then extracting water from the flooring.

• the carpet is then pulled up and any wet padding removed. Large air-moving dryers/fans are installed to dry the carpet and flooring.

• we have drying mats that force dry air down into hard wood flooring to dry them and dry them before warping takes place.

• we can remove base trim, or the toe kick under cabinets, and install small holes that will be hidden when the trim base is replaced and force air into those wholes to dry sheet rock

• dehumidifiers can be used if the situation warrants that.

• Once things are dry there is a period of reconstruction this may include sheet rock repair to a ceiling, or replacing insulation.

• When the carpets are dry the pad is replaced with new padding. The carpet, if it dried without delaminating issues or is considered to be in good condition, is re-stretched/reinstalled and cleaned.

• Industry standards to no recommend trying to dry and/or clean carpets after a sewer back up problem.

Document Drying



If you are in need of a service that you do not see here; please contact us with any questions and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

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